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Check Out The Trevor Lawrence’s House

Trevor Lawrence is an American professional football player who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was selected  first overall in the NFL Draft. Trevor became born William Trevor Lawrence on October 6, 1999, and attended Clemson University. He married his high school sweetheart, Marissa Mowry, on April 10, 2001. A few months after the wedding, the couple purchased a beautiful home in Jacksonville. Check out Trevor Lawrence’s home below. 

Trevor Lawrence purchased this home in Jacksonville, Florida for $3.4 million on July 29, 2021. Built in 2019, the villa has five bedrooms, six bathrooms and 6,907 square meters. There is a covered entertainment area to the rear, a Juliet-style balcony to the front  and a bay window to the front. The interior uses a mixture of tiles, wood, carpet and marble floors. Like double glazing, built-in bookcases, multiple brick fireplaces.  

Marble Shine 

This testimonial video shared by Trevor  about Marble Shine was shot at his home, specifically in his kitchen. On the ground floor you will see a beautiful marble island built into the display case. You can also quickly view the back of the house. 

In this article you will see a beautiful photo of one of the large brick-lined fireplaces. Trevor’s wife, Marissa, posted this adorable video on Instagram of their home being decorated for Christmas. There is a nice view of the wallpaper in the dining room  and you can also  see the French door wall  in the  room. Crystal chandeliers, low floors and unusually high ceilings can also be seen in this video. 

When designing a house, you can also choose custom signs and beautiful neon signs. Neon signs can turn different colors and different lights can create different emotions. This is a great decoration for Christmas or any other holiday. You can easily create the atmosphere you want with other decorations in the room. 

In this video prepared by Trevor, you can see not only the white  marble coffee table, but also the black bed that perfectly matches the wall color.  

Result: Enjoy Your Success 

Trevor Lawrence not only has a great career ahead of him, but he also enjoys the fruits of his labor in this beautiful home. If you like this home, check out Aaron Judge’s home. 

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