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I’m curious: Google Tricks and Fun 

Nothing is worse than being in the office, the park or just at home and being bored with life. Sometimes it feels like nothing you do can overcome this boredom. However, thanks to Google, you can now prevent this boredom by using numerous tricks that Google has developed to pass the time. The “I’m  curious” trick is just a drop in a bucket full of water. Google has many other tricks up its sleeve that are being spread and discussed on the internet.However, people have every reason to believe that despite all the experimentation and discovery, Google still has a lot to offer; We all have to discover it. 

There are many other tricks to talk about.For example, there are numerous Google gravity hints you could play with, and some will turn your homepage into a zero gravity zone that will completely amaze your friends. However, there is also a gravity trick where everything displayed on the Google homepage falls to the bottom of the screen, like in a high gravity situation. 

There are several other tricks like this one that can make it really difficult for people to use Google by making it incredibly difficult to convert letters from lowercase to uppercase.One way to learn some of these tricks is to search for them on Google. Each of the tricks is so complicated and complex that each requires its own article. 

Today, however, you can dive deeper into one of Google’s most famous and entertaining tricks: the “I’m curious” trick. There are a few things you should know  about I’m Curious before you master it. 

The beginning 

The “I’m  curious” trick first came into play in 2015.Unlike most other programs, Google has announced the start of the process. The announcement clearly shows how important the feature is, as most other gimmicks don’t enjoy the same hospitality. 

It was launched in September 2015, which means it has been around for almost five years. Since the feature is also fun and educational, we can safely assume that Google won’t be removing it any time soon.  

 I found this article to be very informative 

This is where “I’m curious” stands out; The function is very informative.You can spend the day  with unlimited, fun data on everything on the internet. 

For example, if you google “I’m curious” it will bring up lots of different questions that people usually have but never know the answer to. A search result might raise the question: Is sign language the same in other countries? This is a legitimate question that you may not know about. Additionally, every student studying sign language should ask themselves this question.

The query “Fun fact” returns similar results  to “I’m  curious”; However, they are much more interesting and sometimes quite funny. 

In addition to similar questions, here are some of the more interesting “I’m curious” questions that you may know the answers to: 

How many miles per hour does the Earth revolve around the Sun? 

This is a fascinating question that almost all of us have in our minds. But for some reason none of us can find the answer. 

The Earth’s surface moves at a speed of about 24,898 miles per hour at the equator, which is about 11,130 meters per second.However, the Earth orbits the Sun at about 67,000 miles per hour.  

Bruce Lee studied what? 

Almost all of us know  Bruce Lee.He might be the maximum well-known movement big name of all time. However, almost no one, except the most dedicated fans, really knows his career and what he studied.Bruce is a scholar of Ip Man, the maximum well-known Wing Chun master. The martial arts master himself has more films from his life than you can count. It is important to note, however, that most of them are fictional. Bruce Lee founded Ip Man when he was just 16 years old. This happened after he lost a fight with members of a rival gang  at school.
Can a goalkeeper rating a intention through throwing the ball?

This is an interesting question that most football fans ask themselves, and yes, a goalkeeper can score in this way. There is no specific rule  that can negate this particular action. The rule states that  play begins when the goalkeeper releases the ball, regardless of the manner. 

What causes red hair? This question is most prominent in Ireland and the United States. Red hair is rare and only between 1 and 2 percent of the world’s population has red hair. This means that out of almost 7.5 billion people on Earth, only 150 million have red hair! 

Research shows that red hair primarily comes from a gene mutation  called MC1R.This means that, unlike your parents, you may not have red hair! 

People say that technology makes you lazy and is a big waste of time. However, this is just a misconception, especially among the older generation. This misunderstanding becomes clear when visiting Southeast Asian countries. Although the statement is true to some extent, it is not always true.With e-commerce websites Facebook and Google, the whole world is in your hands. Of course, this amount of information and access would  make you lazy to some extent.

This is just one example of many you get when you use this interesting Google feature. Another might be: How many miles per hour does the Earth revolve around the Sun? 

The time you spend on this  little trick depends on the type of person you are. Some people can spend an entire day devouring the unlimited amount of information that Google presents. Other people spend about five minutes before getting bored  again.There are many videos on YouTube where people say that sometimes these little pieces of information are very useful in school and even at work. Who knows, one day you’ll find an interesting job  and maybe you’ll get a Google question that you already know. 

paves the way for more Google tricks 

As mentioned above, the “I’m curious” trick isn’t the only feature Google has up its sleeve. This feature opens the door to many other tricks that Google has. 

A perfect example is “Get local time anywhere.”This feature allows you to instantly see the local time of any city in the world. The local time trick is great if you want to sync time with your family and friends outside. Players will  feel like this is a mandatory feature as there are always friends outside the country or even on the other side of the world. 

This is just one of  hundreds of tricks Google has for you. If you take the time to learn even a few of these features, you’ll feel the impact that technology and Google have on your life, in all the right ways.Some interesting “I’m curious” finds for you! 

 Back when the feature was first released, Google happened to ask you  an interesting question that you would like to know the answer to. When you enter the statement in the query box, a random question will appear. Then if you wanted to search for a new question to find the answer, you had to click the “Ask another question” button and another random question would appear. Rarely will you find a question to which you know the answer.All you can say is that Google is so smart. 

As “I’m Curious” became popular, other tricks also emerged. 

Some of the most interesting ones that will save you from boredom are: 

  •  Fun fact. 
  •  I feel great. 
  •  I feel fashionable.I feel fantastic. 
  •  I feel playful. 
  •  I’m confused. 
  •  I feel scribbling. 
  •  I feel generous.I feel artistic. 
  •  I’m curious. 

These queries will give you results based on how Google makes you feel. For example, with “I feel fashionable” you can find out what current trends  are  out there. They can range from fashion to the latest gadgets.The query “I’m feeling generous”  would give you access to various charities you can donate to.



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