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Living in the UK Positively

A vibrant place to live

The UK is a popular study destination due to the outstanding quality of its universities, but also because of its world-famous culture, beautiful countryside and exciting cities. 

Britain is a multicultural place to live, where  the influence of many cultures is reflected everywhere: from the food you can buy to the architecture that surrounds you. Britain is well connected to the rest of the world and it is easy to travel around the country to explore its history and culture. The United Kingdom is famous for music, art, food and sports, particularly football, rugby and cricket. If you choose to live and study here, you will be offered many activities  to suit all.

 interests.British History and Heritage 

The United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each of these countries has its own culture and the people of these countries are proud of their heritage. This is reflected in the many historic buildings and sites across the UK, such as Buckingham Palace, home of the Queen, many castles, famous landmarks such as Stonehenge and  natural attractions such as the South Downs near Brighton. , home of the University of Sussex. 

The best  British food 

When you arrive in the UK you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find international food. There are many international supermarkets, restaurants and cafes where you can find everything from classic Italian pizza to Vietnamese banh mi, American-style burgers or Chinese dim sum.There are also many traditional British dishes on offer, including: 

  •  Roast dinner, usually served on Sundays 
  •  Fish and chips 
  •  Banger and mash (mashed potatoes) 
  •  Afternoon tea: a selection of cakes, sandwiches and desserts  with tea 
  •  ‘” Toad in the Hole – a dish  of Yorkshire pudding and sausage 
  •  Cornish Pasties – meat and potato pies 
  •  Haggis – a traditional meat dish served in Scotland. 

Welcome Community 

The United Kingdom is home to many different nationalities, religions and cultures. The UK is home to many international students  from all over the world, so you’ll have no trouble settling in when you arrive. If you choose to study at the University of Sussex Center for International Studies, you will find a welcoming and diverse  student body. Here you will learn more about British life and also  the cultures of students from other countries, which makes studying an enriching  experience.



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