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Navigate Like a Pro: Top Maps for Kiting and Juking in Identity V

Kiting and juking are crucial skills any player will need to fend off a Hunter when playing as a survivor in Identity V. However, what’s the use of these skills if you don’t know the maps well enough? And what’s the use of grinding for in-game credits when you could simply do IDV top up?

Well, fret not! Today, we’ll venture into IDV’s best maps for kiting and juking. That being said, get your hands on all the characters in Identity V and all the coolest in-game cosmetics with U7BUY’s Identity V account for sale. With that, let’s begin!

IDV Arms Factory

If you’re looking to give your IDV hunter a hard time catching you, then the Arms Factory is the place to be. This IDV map has lots of walls, windows, ruins, and obstructions that’ll make it difficult for the hunter to track your movements, not to mention the dense fog, lush grass, and an endless forest that’ll drive the hunter crazy just looking for you.

You can also use the factory’s multiple exits to kite the Hunter in infinite loops. The best part is that you don’t need expert experience in kiting and juking to keep the Hunter at bay in this map’s concentrated areas of obstacles.

Identity V Moonlit River Park

This carnival-themed environment gives Survivors infinite ways of kiting and juking their way out of the Hunter’s grasp. Kite and juke your way through the long zigzag of walls in the area behind the two-story building. It even has pallets to slow down the Hunter, making it one of Identity V’s best maps for kiting and juking.

What’s a carnival without a rollercoaster? You can also use this IDV map’s rollercoaster and head to the other side of the map to get away from the Hunter. How efficient is that?

IDV Leo’s Memory

Up next is Leo’s Memory, a map that can be a real pain for any Hunter and great for kiting and juking for any Survivor. Outmaneuver the Hunter with various obstacles on the IDV map, such as pallets, barrels, and walls.

What’s more, this IDV map also has a factory that you can leverage, and the amazing bit is that the factory’s exits lead to other parts of the map, where you can evade the Hunter for long.

Identity V Chinatown

This map’s large size makes it one of Identity V’s best maps for kiting and juking. Not only that, but its layout of closely spaced shops makes it easy for Survivors to slip away from the Hunter’s sight. The boxes, pallets, and obstacles added to one of the Exit Gates also do a fine job of helping you evade Hunters.

IDV Sacred Heart Hospital

Last on the list is Identity V’s Sacred Heart Hospital. This IDV map provides one of the game’s best kiting and juking spots. The hospital has two floors with numerous widows, giving Survivors a good chance to evade capture by the Hunter. 

The ruins are also a great place on this IDV map for kiting and juking; they have many pallets, making them ideal for survivors. The hunter will have to squander several abilities to keep up with you, which is a bonus!


From Moonlit River Park to Arms Factory, we’ve covered the best maps for kiting and juking in Identity V. Now, Survivor, it’s up to you to find your perfect escape route. Good luck!



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