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Simple City Builders Community, Share Stories 

Simple City is not just a game; is a virtual universe where players become leaders, architects and urban planners and create the perfect cities of antiquity. But behind every great city is a community of passionate players who share ideas, strategies, and stories. Welcome to the world of Simp City Forums, where originality, organization and friendship thrive! 

What is a compact city centre?

Simple City Forum is an online community where players come together to explore all things gaming. From gameplay strategies to city-building tips, these forums are a hub of information and convenience for Sim City fans. Whether you’re an experienced leader looking to transform the shape of your city  or a newbie looking for tips on starting your first city, Simp City Forum has something for everyone. 

Why should you join the Simple City Forum? 

Learn from others: ‘s simple city forum offers a wealth of knowledge as experienced players share strategies and insights. Whether you’re dealing with traffic management or looking for advice on balancing your budget, you’ll find helpful advice from your fellow admins.  

Show off your cities: 

One of the joys of Simp City is building and designing unique cities. In the forum you can share photos and videos of your cities, show your creativity and inspire others.  

Get help and support: 

Stuck on something difficult or experiencing a technical issue? The community is here to help. Ask questions, get advice, and solve problems with the help of your fellow leaders.  

Participation in community activities: 

Many organizations organize community activities such as building competitions and quizzes. These situations are a great way to test your skills, get creative, and connect with other players.  

Stay informed: 

The Simp City forum is also great for keeping up with the latest game news, updates and expansions.  

Famous SimCity Community 

Simtropolis: Simtropolis is one of the largest and oldest SimCity communities on the internet. Bright’s forum and  wealth of add-ons and mods make it a must-visit for all Simp City players.  


The SimCity subreddit is a  community of thousands of people sharing news, tips, and city demos. A great place to ask questions and have fun with other players. 

EA Forum: 

Simp City’s official EA forum is another great option for players. Here you can chat with the developers, report  and offer new ideas for the game.  

Starting a Simple Country Club 

Starting a simple Country Club involves several important steps to create a fun and welcoming community for players.  

Select a forum:

Choose whether you want to create a forum with software such as phpBB or vBulletin, or use a hosted site such as ProBoards or Tapatalk. Hosted sites are easy to set up but offer little.  

Domain Registration: 

Choose a domain name that describes your theme and is easy to remember. You registered your domain through  Namecheap Godady and Hostinger

Hosting setup: 

If you are using your own forum software, you will need to setup hosting. Find a host that offers the best performance and support for your chosen  software.  

Install forum software: 

Upload the selected software to your website. Many service providers offer a set of components to obtain the popular application.  

Customize your forum: 

Customize the appearance of your forum to make it more functional and user-friendly. Choose a theme that matches the city theme and change the colors, logos and layout.  

Create categories and subforums: 

Create categories and subforums to organize discussions. General categories of city forums may include gaming conventions, city presentations, technical support, and community events. 

Promote your Forum:  

Once your Forum is established, you can start promoting it to attract new members. Share links on social media, gaming forums and other relevant sites. Consider running a promotion or contest to encourage registrations.  

Change your forum: 

As your forum grows, it is important to coordinate discussions to ensure discussions remain relevant and on-topic. Consider appointing moderators to help manage the forum.  

Connect with your community: 

Actively participate in the conversation and engage with your community to build a sense of community. Encourage members to share their Simp City experiences, tips, and activities.  

Continuous improvement: 

Always ask for feedback from your members to know where you can improve. To continue, consider adding new features, hosting community events, or expanding the forum. 

Tips for dealing with Simp City Respect: 

Respect others  and be kind to them even if you disagree with them. Remember, we’re all here because we love Simp City!  

Share your knowledge: 

If you have expertise in a particular area of ​​the game, feel free to share it with others. Your opinions may help someone  improve the city.  

Ask for feedback: 

If you’re happy with the city you’ve built but want  feedback, don’t hesitate to ask. People are always ready to give constructive criticism.  

Keep Calm: 

Simp City is a game and games are meant to be fun! Keep a positive attitude and don’t let yourself get discouraged.  


The simple town hall is nothing more than a place to discuss games; They are communities where friendships are formed, ideas are shared, and cities are celebrated. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, joining the Simple City League is a great way to improve your gaming experience and connect with a passionate community of players. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the Simp City forum today and start building, sharing and connecting with fellow leaders from around the world!



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