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Standard door size 

Standard door size is a highly efficient ready-made door. This helps reduce the cost of the door as custom doors are usually very expensive. The standard door width in Australia is 820mm but there are other sizes commonly used. They are as follows:  

Door height 

As you can see above the ‘standard’ door height in Australia is 2040mm. Nowadays, many new homes are being built with high ceilings (e.g. 2700 mm) and therefore many people prefer doors with a height of 2340 mm. Although tall doors are a little more expensive, many people say they look beautiful with high ceilings.  

Custom Doors 

Doors outside  the above range are considered custom and must be painted, hung or modified to fit the space. 

There may be many reasons for installing freestanding doors; It may be for charitable purposes, it may be for special needs and disabled access, or it may be because the space does not allow for the size of the door, as is often the case when replacing door windows. 97 fell. This is waist length for adults. In general, doors that are very old or installed for a specific purpose will deviate from this requirement.

Standard rear door  

‘Backset’ of the frame is the measure of the distance between the door frame and the rear edge of the door (i.e. the distance to the back of the door). This is measured from the edge of the door to the middle of the door frame or door frame; Easily measured at the top of the door  assembly. 

The most common door sizes in Australia are 60mm and 70mm. 

However, you should never assume that a door will fit a particular door without first checking what the manufacturer has done with the hardware in question. There is no ‘standard’ arrangement of stone and different gate and door  manufacturers produce things in different sizes and also in different products. 

If you want to replace a door or install a new door, make sure the length of the latch matches the back of the door.  

Standard door width 

As the table above shows, the standard door width in Australia is 35mm, regardless of standard height or width. However, as with other strategies, there are some useful features if you’re looking for a different size door (for whatever reason). Please contact your concierge for more information about your options.  

Other things to consider 

When measuring the door frame, remember to leave space so that the door can be opened on all sides, not just at the bottom. Also note that if you are installing the door with a sill (the lower horizontal part of the door frame), this will affect why you need to allow the lower part.



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