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Stray kids x Vivi magazine Interview Translation by seungdduk

Lee knows: “Forest scent. I’ve been gifted perfume so often that I wear different things throughout the day, but I feel very close to the forest scent.” I think he’s growing and getting better. “
Changbin: “The smell of soap. I don’t really like artificial scents, so I’m attracted to normal scents. The scent of the soap is light, like cleanliness. “

Hyunjin: “I like the smell of roses or perfume. I have scented candles in my room. I only like one thing when it comes to perfume, so I use it often. “
Han jisung: “Clothes smell. When we were trainees, Hyunjin smelled that smell in our room. It was so beautiful that we just washed it so I still love it. “
Felix: “Clear. I used to love strong perfumes, but I also love the smell after cleansing. This isn’t actually an advertisement, I use it (laughs)”

Seungmin: “Lemon lavender. It’s not perfume, but I have a candle in my room (it’s scented). Drinking lemon lavender might make me feel better. “
I.N:” Softens clothes and makes them smell pleasant. Like that soft fabric smell right after washing. and I love the smell of the soap too. I like the scent tickling my nose every day instead of a good perfume. “

Felix to Chan: “Hyung is one of the ghosts who always starts talking first when they make up or are in a difficult situation. He’s a lot like this hyung but he has a lot of aegyo so I think he’s so cute when he’s joking. “
Chan to Felix:” ㅎㅎㅎ I’ll do better in the future! It’s really good if you actually see Felix as a game, anime, or something he likes. His reaction was really funny when we played this together (laughs) “

Han should know:” His eyes light up when he talks about his favorite anime. but I can’t say hyung is ‘good’! “

Lee knows Han: “The way Hannie eats cute foods… sometimes you feel worse than ‘cute’, even though I want to make fun of her (laughs). “

Hyunjin to Changbin: “Changbinie hyung always, always! very nice.. Sometimes I get angry because his joke catches me so fast but he is an aegyo master. “
Changbin to hyunjin: “I know. Hyunjin is always cute. “



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