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The 15 best protein powders include animal and plant protein powders from a variety of sources. 

Protein powder is available in thousands to tens of thousands of copies nationwide. Although they are widely known for their ability to help people gain and maintain muscle, these supplements aren’t just for bodybuilders or even those with regular gym memberships. “Protein powder is only beneficial for plants,” says nutritionist and personal trainer Aynsley Kirshenbaum. Or the kids eat well. 

The nutritionists we spoke to emphasized that no one should try to live on protein powder alone. Instead it should include three full protein-rich meals throughout the  day; As nutritionist Heidi Skolnik puts it, “no flour will give you anything you can’t get from fruit, eggs, or fish.” “I always encourage my clients to focus on whole foods  to meet their nutritional needs,” registered dietitian Kaleigh Tjoelker agrees.

protein powder

should be used as a supplement to a complete diet. However, some people with high protein needs may benefit from protein powder, such as athletes, travelers, or people who follow a vegetarian or plant-based diet. If you’re taking a post-workout protein supplement, a good rule of thumb is to take it 30 minutes after your workout, says ASCM nutritionist and personal trainer Oscar Colon IV. 

With so many products to choose from (each with its own ingredient list), it can be difficult for protein powder newbies to know what’s right  for them. “It’s a lot,” admits nutritionist and fertility coach Gabbi Berkow.

“My customers often come to me confused about what I’m buying,” he said. I have personally  tried at least ten in the ten years since I started using supplements, and I mix the supplements I have tried into shakes or meals three or four times  a week. Some of my favorites are below; I and other Strategist writers who worked on previous versions of this guide also spoke with nutritionists, athletes, and coaches who use protein powders regularly to determine the best options for each type of person.

Best Overall Protein Powder 

This protein powder is my personal favorite and  I use it a lot because of its  chocolate and vanilla flavor and how well it mixes with other foods like oatmeal and shakes. I originally picked  Sports Nutrition Sports Isolate (below) as the best high-protein powder, but after  using this powder from Momentous for a year, I’m reaching for it over the other powders on this list because of its taste. The chocolate  reminds me of  chocolate #

and the vanilla is sweet but not too rich. Both are a good choice for those looking for something light but drinkable. 

According to my team of nutritionists, cow nutrition can make a difference in protein quality. When cows are grass-fed, the milk they produce (and the protein derived from it) contains no enzymes. Our chocolate  protein powder is made from grass-fed cows; It’s a favorite of fertility expert Jeff Halevy, a former health correspondent for the Today show, who says it’s the least sweet and  best of the 15 other protein powders he’s tried. Another  reason Halevy loves this protein powder is that it is NSF approved. 97 When I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to prepare an elaborate shake with many ingredients, I prefer to mix the  powder with  water and sprinkle it on. 

I mixed it into yogurt granola bowls and didn’t notice any difference in taste other than a change in texture. If you love flavor, 

Protein  powder is also available in vanilla and chocolate versions, both  sweetened with stevia. I mixed some of the vanilla version into pancake batter to make protein pancakes (like I did with the Podium protein powder below) and  liked that the flavor wasn’t overpowering;

It still tasted like pancakes. Personal trainer Kern Alexander said that after trying different methods for 15 years, her favorite powder  is the unpopular Now Sport,

a -member, multifamily brand. Packaged in the USA, it contains protein filters and is not full of sweeteners. According to Alexander,  the lack of flavor means “I can add fruit and nuts and it’s delicious.”



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