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The Definitive Handbook of Breathable Summer Fabrics


Some fabrics have a way of making you feel like you’re trapped in a sauna. Especially when the temperature rises even the slightest. Just as we find it difficult to breathe in harsh weather conditions, our clothes can become suffocating too. But there’s always a solution for everything. Even on hot days when you feel like there’s no escape from the heat, there are certain fabrics that give you relief. These fabrics range from cotton to other fabrics just as those used in Maria B lawn collections. So, if you’re ready to know about these lifesavers, take ahold of your reading glasses and read on. 


Cotton is hands down one of the best summer staples. And that too for good reason. It is lightweight, breathable, and very comfortable. You can use it to make a traditional shirt, a sundress, your child’s frocks, or even trousers. This fabric is proven to keep you cool even on the warmest days. This fabric can be used for different occasions. Whether you’re having a casual barbecue or a fancy rooftop party, it’s a good choice. So, remember to pick this fabric for your events. 


You say effortlessly, we hear linen! Of course, it might wrinkle quickly, like when you say “heatwave,” but that’s part of what makes it special. Wrinkles in linen? No problem! It’s comfy, cool, and trendy. Wear it as shirts, pants, skirts, or blazers. There are tons of ways to rock this summer favourite. Just give it a quick steam or iron before wearing to smooth out the wrinkles. 


Love the look of denim but can’t stand the thought of sweating bullets in your favourite jeans? Enter chambray, denim’s lightweight cousin. This breathable fabric offers the same laid-back vibe as denim. Chambray clothing offers a comfortable and summer-friendly option. You can choose a chambray button-down shirt, a breezy chambray dress, or chambray shorts. These pieces let you enjoy a cool denim look without overheating.  


Synthetic fabrics and summer might not seem like the most natural pairing. But rayon is the exception to the rule. This fabric is made partly from natural fibres such as wood pulp. Rayon is light and breezy, great for hot days because it lets air pass through easily.

It feels smooth and silky, making clothes look nice and flow gracefully. Rayon works well for dresses, skirts, and blouses that move nicely. But cleaning it can be tricky, so it needs special care when washing and drying. So make sure to check the care instructions.  


The only fabric that comes to mind when you talk about luxury is silk. But don’t let its fancy reputation fool you. Because of being super breathable it makes a great choice for summer wear. There are various ways of carrying this fabric around. You can either wear a silk blouse for a night out.

Or get in a slip dress for a daytime event. Whatever you choose, you’ll stay cool and comfortable all day long. Be sure to opt for lightweight silk fabrics like charmeuse or crepe de chine to maximise breathability.  


Craving a little texture in your summer wardrobe? Seersucker is just the fabric for you. Seersucker fabric is cotton with a bumpy surface and stripes. It’s known for its coolness in hot weather. Choosing seersucker clothes like a blazer or shorts gives you a timeless Southern style.  


Searching for a stylish choice that’s also sustainable? Meet Tencel. Tencel is a type of fabric made from wood pulp, which is sourced in an eco-friendly manner. It feels really soft and smooth on your skin. Perfect for summer wear. You can wear Tencel clothes like jumpsuits or skirts and feel good about your style choices and their impact on the environment. 


Are you an animal lover who cannot tolerate fabric derived from your fur buddies? Well, look no further than viscose then. Viscose is made from regenerated cellulose fibres. It has a soft breathable feel which makes it perfect for summers. There are ample ways you can show off this fabric. A viscose blouse, lightweight scarf, or even leggings are just a few examples. This is your ticket to cruelty-free clothing!  


Lawn fabric is a top pick for summer. It’s made from finely woven cotton, so it’s light and super soft. Perfect for making comfy clothes like blouses, dresses, and skirts. Feels smooth on your skin and keeps you cool in the heat. With Eid approaching, now’s the time to check out the new unstitched lawn collection. The semi-sheer quality of lawn fabric adds elegance to any outfit, making it a versatile summer wardrobe addition. 


Whether you prefer cotton or are interested in trying eco-friendly options such as Tencel, there’s a breathable fabric suitable for everyone. Say goodbye to sweaty summers and hello to comfort and style. Keep cool, stay fashionable, and savor sunny days. Here’s to a summer wardrobe as light and refreshing as a gentle sea breeze! 



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