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The Mewing Phenomenon: Designing the Perfect Jawline 

Introduction to Mewing 

Mewing, a facial exercise technique, has become quite popular in recent years, especially on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. His name is Dr. John Mew, a British orthodontist. Cutting involves suspending the tongue above the mouth to improve facial structure and alignment. Proponents say it can increase the definition of the jawline, improve breathing, and even affect the overall 

beauty of the face. How to Apply the 

Cutting Correcting Speech: The main purpose of cutting is to ensure proper speech. The tongue is pressed against the entire  roof of the mouth from the top to the back without stretching. 

Teeth position: Keep your teeth soft but closed. 

Closed mouth: Close your mouth, breathe through your nose. 

Consistency: As with any exercise, consistency is important. Practice grinding throughout the day to get the best results. 

Benefits of Drilling 

Enhanced Jawline: By applying constant pressure to the jawline, grinding can increase jawline definition over time. 

Improves facial appearance: Good position of the tongue can contribute to a beautiful face. 

Good oral health: Brushing encourages nasal breathing, which can improve oral hygiene and reduce the risk of dental problems. 

Improves Posture: Proper jaw and tongue alignment can contribute to overall good posture. 

Scientific Advice 

Although many anecdotal reports and before-and-after photos show positive results from cutting, scientific evidence is still insufficient. Some orthodontists and dental professionals support the idea that proper tongue position can affect facial development, especially in children and adolescents. But for adults, radical change is not possible and often requires long-term commitment. 

The Cut in Pop Culture 

Cut went viral on social media, where fitness enthusiasts and enthusiasts shared their experiences and tips. Hashtags like #mewing and #mewingtransformation generated millions of comments, making the app even more prominent. This virus attracts many people who are interested in facial exercises and surgical procedures to improve the appearance of the face. 

Success Tips  

Patience is the Key: The results of the cut are not immediate and may take months to appear. Don’t overdo it: a slow pace is sufficient. Avoid pressing too hard as it may cause problems or stress. Combine with overall health: For best results, combine grinding with a healthy diet, regular exercise and good oral hygiene. 

Criticism and Reflection 

Skeptics point out that there is no solid scientific research to support their claims, especially when it comes to adult performance. Dentistry experts avoid waiting for radical changes and emphasize the importance of waiting for realistic results. Additionally, incorrect technique can lead to jaw problems or other problems. 


Mewing represents an interesting intersection of orthodontic practices, facial aesthetics, and  social media culture. While it may hold promise for people looking to improve their jawline and  oral health, it’s important to approach the exercise with complete confidence and patience. As with any health-related procedure, consulting a professional such as a dentist or orthodontist can provide specific guidance and safety. 

By understanding and applying proper cutting technique, people can explore this popular method to achieve a more defined jawline and improved appearance.



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