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99PetShops what you know?

If you’re like me, you can spend  an hour searching the internet for the best products, including pet products. 

Just like Compare Marketplace does for insurance, 99PetShops works hard for you by finding and comparing the best products from over 60 online stores. To find out more, we spoke with founder Edward Chan, who created the site for like-minded pet owners.  


To make your search easier, 99PetShops aggregates thousands of pet products from over 60 online stores. Some of these are popular pet stores such as Petbarn, My Pet Store, PETstock, Pet Circle. This allows you to quickly find  pet products in just a few clicks, instead of browsing through many online pet stores. Prices and availability are updated daily, as are new online pet stores.  

99Why did you start PetShops? 

Originally built in 2014, it was intended for personal use until we decided to offer it  to friends and family, and later to the public. 

I was born in Hong Kong. He moved to Australia in 1996 and has lived in Melbourne ever since. I’ve always loved programming and software development. Creating something that people find useful, love, and demand more of gives me joy and satisfaction. I hope that 99PetShops will be one of the services that people will find useful when looking for cheap pet deals.  

Do you have a pet? 

Yes, I have Rambo. I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old and he will be 13 soon  on 12/28. Rambo was my first dog. In addition to the great happiness dogs brought me, he  also taught me life lessons  such as compassion and equality. Thanks to him, I started becoming a vegetarian when I was 5-6 years old.  

Have you ever been to Rambo? 

Many years ago I had to go to Sydney for work. Sometimes I would go from Melbourne to Sydney to take Rambo with me. We once stayed at a luxury hotel in Sydney called Hotel Altamont in Darlinghurst for 5 weeks (I think it’s been closed since 2015). Rambo escaped several times while cleaning the room. Unfortunately, he was caught by the guards.  

99How does PetShops work? 

Let’s say you want to buy medicine for your dog (for example Advantage Dog Medium 6 Pack). Type ‘Advantage Dog Medium 6 Pack’ into the search  box at the top of the page and matching results will appear: 

99PetShops intelligently matches the same item across multiple stores. By default the store displays the cheapest price.



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