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How can I find my car online in Great Britain? 

UNCLASSIFIED (Road Legal Notice) car includes a simple process to repurpose it for road legal use. Update your vehicle’s V5C (logbook) with the latest information, add tax and check valid insurance.

If you are using the V5C form, complete the relevant section and send it to the DVLA. For the online process, visit the official DVLA website and follow the steps. Once completed you will receive a certificate and your vehicle can no longer be used. 

This route is usually free and will ensure your vehicle can get back on the road. Please note that driving a SORN car without following these steps may result in fines or sanctions. Therefore, it is very important that you complete the NORMAL process  before you can get your car back on the road. To find out how to get my registration number online. 

What does “AL” mean? 

DAMAGE, which stands for ‘Road Traffic Notice’, is an abbreviation used by the DVLA (Driving and Riding Authority) in Great Britain. When a vehicle is declared REMOVED, it notifies the DVLA that the vehicle will be roadworthy and will not be used. This is especially true for cars, motorcycles and light trucks. 

Once the DVLA has been notified and the vehicle has been registered as SORN, the registered vehicle owner is entitled to a refund of any unpaid road tax for each year or years. This ensures that the owner does not pay road tax on the vehicle that is not  used or stored on the road. 

How do you check damaged vehicles? Follow these steps to  check the status of the 

SORNed vehicle. Visit the official DVLA website or use their links. Enter your license plate number and you’re done. The DVLA will verify whether the vehicle is registered or taxable. This process helps verify the legality of vehicles and also provides accurate information to buyers or owners. Stay informed and make informed decisions about your car or someone else’s car with this simple check-up.  

How do I declare a vehicle’s SORN? 

Is it no longer necessary? Make sure you declare your vehicle as SORN to remove insurance and road tax.

How long will a SORN last? 

SERIOUS message (traffic message) 

QUESTION has no  time limit and continues until one of these events occurs. Once the vehicle’s SORN status has been removed, it is important to check that it is properly taxed and insured before setting off. How much does  

SORN cost? 

Reporting a car accident in Great Britain is free. There is no cost to apply for or pursue SORN. It is a legal requirement that allows car owners to park their vehicles on public roads and save on vehicle taxes and insurance costs at the same time.  


Listing your car online in the UK is a simple and easy way to get your car on the road legally. The Driving License Agency (DVLA) has made it easier than ever to manage your vehicle’s SORN status online, saving you time and effort.



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