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Best Free Vital Downloads List: Free Download 

If you are looking for the best free downloads, then you have come to the right place!  Vital Audio’s Vital Plugin is  one of the best synth VST plugins on the market today.  Is  Synth Vital free? 

Various versions of Vital VST are available, but the basic version is completely free and  comes with 75 presets and 25 tracks to get you started. 

You must be pretty hungry after using the Vital graphics that come  with the VST, right? Well, I’ve were given you covered. In this article, I have scanned the internet extensively to bring you the best list of free content. These great gifts are the perfect complement to Vital’s unique  sound and are guaranteed to inspire you to take your product to the next level.  

Source Echo Sound Effects 

Source is a  collection of a wide variety of Vital presets that really show off what this synth is capable of. If you are looking for House, Hip Hop or Dubstep tracks, this package is  for you. It includes 40 unique  and 50 standard tracks that you can use as a starting point to create a great-sounding track. Please note that although the plan is free to download, a valid email address is required.  

Vital Analog Melodic House Lite – Yalçın Efe 

YouTuber Yalçın Efe has created a perfect Vital preset pack for Melodic house producers. She also offered a ‘lite’ version of the package, which includes 10 sound effects, for free. No need for email address or social media, just  download directly from the website,  really relaxing.  

Intro Essentials Volume 1 by Authentic Sounds 

This free starter pack includes 25 tracks of leads, chords, keys, electric tones, and epic dubstep sounds. There are actually some pretty cool features in this package, and it’s surprising that it’s available for free. However, please note that you will need to create an account  to download.  

Useful Party Songs from ANNMS Music 

This next free bundle includes 170 items! Party Songs from ANNMS Music is an excellent range of free music dedicated to EDM, House, Hip-Hop and Trance. I didn’t have a chance to check out all the offerings, but the ones I tried were pretty good.

Aquarium  Jazen Sounds 

Aquarium is a custom wallpaper created by members of the Jazen Sounds  server. Includes 54 royalty-free. The package is not geared towards specific music styles; but it contains good-sounding material that can be useful in any situation. An account is required  to download the package.  

City of Bells Demo by Jazen Audio 

City of Bells is another package developed by Jazen Audio. The full package contains 111 songs and 62 ringtones, and the free demo only contains 7 songs and 11 sounds. However, there are a small number of features you will need to download, especially if you want to purchase the full package. An account is required  to download.  

Midtempo by Black Lotus Audio 

Midtempo through Black Lotus Audio is stimulated through artists along with Rezz, 1788-L and Extra Terra. It includes 16 quality parameters (bass, pad, snare and lead) designed to help you create your  own mid-tempo productions. An account is required  to download.  

Messenger from Black Lotus Audio 

Another freebie from Black Lotus Audio, Messenger is aimed at Dubstep artists like Virtual Riot and Zomboy. It includes 26 songs (bass, lead and track) designed to help you recreate the sound of some of your favorite Dubstep artists. An account is required  to download. It includes 25 professionally designed effects (bass, lead, keys, pads and arpeggios) designed to help you create the perfect drum and bass track. An account is required  to download.  

Essential Presets from AzM Music 

The next preset in this list is Essential Presets from AzM Music. It includes beautiful keyboard, key and bass presets inspired by pop artists like Billie Eilish and Ritviz. An account is required to download.  

Hip Hop and R&B Essentials from AngelicVibes 

This bundle from AngelicVibes includes 30 free Hip Hop items including 808s, basses, keys, keyboards and more, making it a complete essential for any Hip Hop or R&B producer makes it into a package. Please note that an email address is required to download.  

Crystal in Vital from Sammo 

This bundle from Sammo includes 20  EDM instruments. Includes various parts for bass, lead and various pickups. Audio and YouTube subtitles are required to  download.  

Final Thoughts  

I hope you found something you like in this list of freebies. If you’ve come across a bundle you think should be included,  let me know in the comments below and I’ll take a look.



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