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Tony Mokbel’s daughter tells how she grew up with a Melbourne drug lord 

The daughter of one of Melbourne’s most notorious gang members had a unique childhood  despite her father being a  drug dealer. 

Tony Mokbel was sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2012 for a series of offenses linked to ‘The Company’, the drug cartels he controlled for 20 years, which became the largest in Australian history. 

With money came power, and  from 1998 to 2010, as the underground war raged in Melbourne, Mokbel was a powerful player.  But  there was nothing unusual about Susan being a child in the home of one of the nation’s most wanted criminals, according to her daughter and ex-wife, Carmel DeLorenzo. 

Susan Mokbel (above),  daughter of  gangster and drug lord Tony, says her childhood was no different  

‘I don’t think it was any different… do you describe a lot of kids growing up? Ms Mokbel told Daily Mail Australia this week. 

Mokbel and Ms. DeLorenzo were married when they were 20 years old and have two children: sons Sajih and Susan. 

After moving to Australia with his family in the mid-1970s, he established himself as a drug lord in the 1980s and  soon became head of ‘The Company’. 

However, as a major player in the Melbourne world, he had many clashes with other  heavyweights. 

These included a wave of violence over the  Coffin Tricksters after Mokbel claimed he had been ‘duped’ by other criminals and ‘Carlton Crew’ member Mick Gatto. 

His role in World War II included his acquittal for paying $150,000 to kill Lewis Moran. 

Facing drug-related charges, he fled Australia by boat to Greece in 2006. He was accompanied there by his girlfriend, Danielle McGuire, who was carrying the couple’s daughter. 

Mokbel was arrested by police in June 2007 and sentenced to at least 22 years in prison in 2012. 

World leader Anthony Sajih ‘Tony’ Mokbel (pictured) is taken to the prison van after being sentenced to 30 years in prison. Prison 

Susan Mokbel for her connection with ‘The Cartel’, one of Australia’s most powerful organizations. 

Along with Mokbel, names such as Gatto, Moran, Gangitano, Barbaro and Williams became synonymous with fear at that time. 

Approximately 36 gangs were killed in Melbourne during this bloody period between 1998 and 2010. 

While old-fashioned thugs keep women and children away, Melbourne’s breed of heartless killers don’t hesitate to shoot their enemies  in the face. 

Brittany McGuire – daughter of Tony Mokbel’s ex-girlfriend Danielle McGuire

Fear Gang girls Amelia Gangitano and boyfriend Tristan (left) and older actress Ellie Gangitano (right) 

Carlton Fear Crew member Gangitano (center) was shot in her home in 1998; thought to be ex-boyfriend Jason Moran  

Damien, Sarah, Justin and Michael Gatto – children of Mick Gatto and wife Cheryle 

Mick Gatto, despite being the leader of the famous ‘Carlton Crew’, suffered greatly from Escape from Hell’s War He managed to escape without being seen. 

He was acquitted of murdering suspected hitman Andrew ‘Benji’ Veniamin in 2004, with a jury finding that Gatto had acted in self-defense when he shot Veniamin, who had threatened to kill him. 

Former boxer and garment worker, currently works  as a construction contractor. Gatto married his wife, Cheryle, in 1978 and they had four children: Damien, Justin, Michael and Sarah. 

In 2008, with a gang war on the horizon, Damien and his model wife Fiona tied the knot in a VIP wedding in Melbourne’s Docklands. However, the couple’s party did not pass without incident, with the attempted murder of Gatto Fedele D’Amico’s partner, who was attended by the guests for the evening. 

Damien currently works for a construction company, while Fiona is a design consultant and  former Chadwick model. The couple has three young children. 

Sarah Gatto, the youngest  of the family,  married Danny Awad in a magnificent ceremony in December 2016. The couple has a two-year-old daughter, whom they welcomed in mid-2015. 

Gatto’s son Justin saved his life after the horrific car crash in 2008. The court heard he lost  his BMW and crashed  into four other cars. A judge suspended his driver’s license for one month. 

Sarah’s husband), Justin Gatto, Sarah Gatto, Cheryle Gatto, Mick Gatto, Damien Gatto and Fiona Gatto (Damien’s wife) 

Mick and Cheryle’s son Damien and his wife Fiona (left) and their daughters Sarah and husband Danny Awad (right) 

Danny Awad (far left),  wife Sarah Gatto (left), Justin Gatto (center), Fiona Gatto (right) and  husband Damien Gatto (far right) 

Dhakota Williams – Carl Williams daughter and ex-wife Roberta 

Carl Anthony Williams was not only the most popular actor during the World War, but  also the greatest victim. 


Williams died of a heart attack in Barwon Prison in 2010 after being hit in the head by a wheelchair. 

Lewis Moran, his son Jason, ordered the murders of Mario Condello, Mark Mallia and Michael Marshall. Williams’ wife Roberta was a colorful figure throughout the war, but subsequently kept their daughter Dhakota largely out of the spotlight.

As the world war raged, Danielle McGuire was often in the arms of some of Melbourne’s most powerful people. 

She first had a relationship with Mark Moran, who was shot and killed in his home in June 2000. This was followed by an affair with drug lord Tony Mokbel, with whom they had a daughter  born in Greece in 2006, while Mokbel was on the run. 

Ms McGuire is also rumored to be in a relationship with  former celebrity Toby Mitchell. 

He once tearfully confessed: “You can’t help the person you love.” . is in  a wonderful life line, as his mother always boasts. 

Four years ago Brittany appeared in court and pleaded guilty to speeding 157 km/h in a 100 km/h zone. 9 Greece and Mokbel  gave birth to their child in 2006 

The 22-year-old, who owns a hair salon in Port Melbourne, has had several run-ins with police over the years, including a speeding ticket in 2014. 

Amelia and Ellie Gangitano – daughters of Alphonse Gangitano and his wife Virginia 

Gang Terror Alphonse Gangitano (pictured) is the second person to die in a gang war in Melbourne 

Alphonse Gangitano, popularly known as the ‘Dark Prince of Lygon Street’ ‘, he concluded, ruling the streets with an iron hand as a member of the Carlton Team in the eighties and nineties. In addition to being a fight promoter, nightclub owner and gambler, his love of extreme violence also occupied much of his time. collect clothes Carlton Crew member and friend Mick Gatto said he was repeatedly amazed by Gangitano’s actions. 

It was noted that Gangitano’s close friend Jason Moran, who  was allegedly behind his death, also talked about the gang’s love of violence. 

“That’s a fucking lulu… if you break five pool cues on someone’s head with a knife… you’re a fucking lulu,” Moran said. 

Before he was shot to death in his home in January 1998, Gangitano was earning approximately $200,000 a month. But while some children of Melbourne’s world-famous figures got into trouble by following their parents, Gangitano’s daughters, Amelia and Ellie, did not. 

Amelia and her partner Tristan are reportedly engaged and recently had a baby girl. 

His other daughter Ellie pursued a career as an actress. After making her childhood debut in Neighbors in 1985, she  recently starred opposite Craig McLachlan in The Doctor Blake Mysteries.



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