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Office Carpet Cleaning Services to Refresh Your London Workspace

If your London office carpets are looking worn and dirty, it’s time to call in the professional cleaners. At Vip Carpet Cleaning London, we are specialists in commercial office carpet care for businesses across London. Our expert cleaning technicians will have your office carpets looking fresh, clean and welcoming again in no time.

Keep reading to learn how Vip Carpet Cleaning London’s premier office carpet cleaning services can restore the look and health of your London office environment.

Deep Clean Dirt and Grime

Over months and years of use, office carpets accumulate an amazing amount of dirt and grime from foot traffic, spills, weather and everyday wear. We use hot water extraction, a powerful method to deep clean carpets right down to the base. Hot water and cleaning solution is injected with high pressure then immediately extracted along with dissolved soils. This flushes away dirt, stains, debris and contaminants other methods cannot remove.

Cutting-Edge Truck-Mounted Equipment

Our state-of-the-art truck mounted extraction system is far more effective than small rental cleaners. It heats water to optimize cleaning power and provides stronger suction for superior soil removal. The pressurized stream injects solutions deep into carpet fibers, flushing away stubborn dirt that has settled at the bottom. Your office carpets will be dramatically cleaner.

Eco-Friendly Products

We care about the health of your office environment. That’s why we use non-toxic, hypoallergenic carpet cleaners and deodorizers safe for children and pets once dried completely. Our truck-mounted system conserves water and electricity for an eco-friendly process. Your carpets will be cleaned green.

Treat Tough Stains

Coffee spills, muddy footprints, ink stains – over time carpets inevitably develop stains that detract from appearance. Our carpet cleaning professionals have specialized training in stain removal processes and industrial strength cleaners to lift and eliminate office carpet stains.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Zones like walkways in front of desks, doors and elevators get dirtier faster. We use commercial vacuums, pre-treatments and agitation with hand brushes in high traffic areas before deep cleaning. Our wand tools extract deeply from the bases to restore dingy high traffic paths.

Fast Drying Times

We understand you cannot have office staff or clients walking on wet carpets for hours. Our powerful truck-mounted and portable extractors remove the maximum amount of moisture. Large air movers rapidly accelerate drying so you can resume business within a few hours in most cases.

Freshen Carpets

Thorough cleaning eliminates odors from spills, food, pets and smoke/fumes that linger in carpet fibers. A high-grade deodorizer is applied to leave a light, fresh scent. Any musty carpet odors will be completely banished.

Bacteria and Allergens Removed

Hot water extraction removes up to 98% of allergens like pet dander, mold, bacteria, dust mite matter, and pollen that trigger allergies and illness. Cleaner carpets equal better indoor air quality and less employee sick time.

Affordable Rates

As London’s leading carpet cleaner, Vip Carpet Cleaning London offers very cost-effective pricing for professional office carpet cleaning. We also offer discounts for multiple location businesses. Get premier cleaning that revitalizes your office without overstraining your facilities budget.

Exceptional Service

From your first call to the completed cleaning, you will enjoy outstanding customer service. Our office staff make booking simple and convenient. Our technicians will thoroughly clean all specified areas, moving your office furniture and protecting surfaces as needed, and ensure you are 100% happy before leaving. We stand behind every job.

Thorough Pre-Vacuuming

Before deep cleaning, we thoroughly vacuum all areas of the carpet to lift and remove loose surface debris and dirt. This prepares the carpets so the hot water extraction can deep clean more effectively.

Complete Cleaning Around Furniture

We carefully move desks, chairs, shelving, and other furnishings to fully access and clean all carpeted areas. No surface will be left untouched. Your carpets will look fantastic wall-to-wall.

Spot Dyeing Recommendations

For extremely stubborn stains that cannot be fully removed through cleaning, we can recommend professional spot dyeing or office carpet cleaning services near me in London. Small stained areas can be expertly spot dyed to match the carpet color and restore uniform appearance.

Carpet Sanitizing Treatments

For offices wanting enhanced sanitation, we offer antimicrobial carpet treatments to kill bacteria and viruses remaining after hot water extraction. This additional sanitizing service ensures a hygienic office environment.

Customer Convenience

We work around your office schedule, including after hours and weekends, to minimize business disruptions when cleaning your carpets. We also offer next day appointments for urgent needs. Your convenience and operational needs are paramount.

Give your London office a facelift by hiring London’s top rated office carpet cleaner, Vip Carpet Cleaning! Contact us at 02080503535 for a free quote tailored to your workspace. We serve all areas of Greater London.



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