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Transform your smile fast and easy with composite bonding

The society we are living in is more self conscious than ever. As a result, how one looks and appears before the world is more crucial than ever in the past. In this circumstance a smile beaming with confidence seems to be the universal need for everyone. Technological evolutions in cosmetic dentistry have proved helpful for a significant number of people to achieve their dream smile. Composite bonding is one such cosmetic bonding procedure that is unbelievably popular across the globe these days including the UK. In the following sections of this post let us dig more into this popular and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure and see what exactly it is, what advantages it offers, how it is better over other alternative options, whether it can cater to your unique needs and such other aspects. This discussion will certainly prove helpful taking informed decisions in future.

Understanding the basics of composite bonding

The procedure of cosmetic bonding is also known by various names like dental bonding and tooth bonding. Basically it is about applying a composite resin material directly to the surface of the tooth to mask various dental flaws and imperfections easily. This versatile cosmetic dental procedure makes use of composite resin that comes in the natural colour of your teeth and thus your composite bonded tooth or teeth never standout from the rest of the natural teeth in your mouth to create a contrast. The procedure requires aesthetic sense of a dentist as in the last step the resin material bonded to your tooth is carefully chiselled into the right size and shape before polishing to make your smile absolutely flawless as well as natural-looking explains a dentist who quotes highly reasonable prices for composite bonding in London.

Advantages of the procedure

The tooth bonding treatment is so immensely popular all over the world simply because it offers loads of advantages compared to the other alternative options that modern dentistry offers.

  • Easily affordable – Cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually little costlier but this one is an exception. Compared to other alternative procedures like dental crowns and veneers this one is much reasonably priced and easily affordable.
  • Non invasive procedure involves no permanent damage or alteration to the natural structure of the tooth – Unlike dental crowns and veneers this procedure does not involve any severe damage or irreversible alteration to the natural structure of your tooth. Even if enamel removal from the tooth surface is required, a very small amount of it is removed so that there is no preservation or conservation issue related to it.
  • Fast and easy procedure – The entire procedure is usually over in just a single visit to a dentist. There is no follow up appointment involved. In other words composite bonding is a fast procedure which saves your time. Even the results of the treatment show up almost instantly without any turnaround or wait time explains a dentist who quotes reasonable price for composite bonding in the UK
  • Versatile and effective – Composite bonding procedure is sufficiently effective to address an impressive range of issues related to your oral health and wellbeing. It is a tried and tested option to fix a number of cosmetic dentistry issues. Dentists all over the world rely on this versatile procedure to address issues like chipped tooth, badly discoloured or stained teeth, uneven physical dimension of tooth, gaps between the teeth and much more.
  • Enhances natural appearance – Composite resin material that is used in this procedure is categorically matched to the natural shade of your teeth. This results in seamless blend of your composite bonded tooth to the rest of the natural teeth in your mouth. 

Composite bonding happens to be as easy, affordable and versatile means to transform your smile dramatically. The procedure offers a range of benefits compared to that of other alternative cosmetic dentistry procedures. It is the most obvious choice for zillions of people across the planet for a fast, easy and absolutely flawless dental makeover. The procedure proves to be particularly effective to sort out issues like chipped teeth, gaps between the teeth, badly discoloured or stained teeth and much more. The price of composite bonding in London varies significantly depending on various factors. The standard price ranges from £200 to £400 a tooth. Your dentist can give you the final figures of the pricing only after diagnosing your mouth thoroughly.

Blending composite bonding with teeth whitening

Dentists rely on this particular clinical procedure to sort out issues of tooth fillings and staining or discolouration of the teeth. It is often blended with teeth whitening procedure to make your smile brighter, whiter and more attractive. Dentists usually recommend patients to undergo teeth whitening before having their teeth bonded with the composite material. The selection of composite resin is done carefully to match the natural shade of your teeth. This is why they advice to give your teeth the preferred white shade with teeth whitening before the composite bonding material is placed on the teeth. Once the bonding material is placed on the teeth it is no more possible to whiten them further.  

Is it possible to have composite bonding with gum disease?

If you are currently suffering from gum disease or have suffered from it any time earlier you may have developed receded gums. In other words your gums may have shrunk a little creating a tiny gap with the teeth or at least some of those. This procedure is effective in covering up that unwanted space effectively. However, a dentist who provides composite bonding at affordable price in the UK, the problem of gum disease must be treated and completely cured before you can undergo this cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Caring for your composite bonded tooth – few easy tips

  • After completing the procedure you should avoid smoking and consuming tea and coffee for at least 72 hours to avoid staining of the bonded tooth or teeth. Even certain food items are better to be avoided for the same reason, like soy sauce.
  • Maintain optimum oral hygiene for the rest of your life and go for routine dental checkups. Make sure to get professional cleaning of your teeth from your dental hygienist at regular intervals. These efforts help keeping a bonded tooth clean and free from stains.

In addition to the tips above dentists at the renowned Chatfield Dental Braces, Invisalign Londonin the UK recommend stop biting on pen caps, pencil tips, nails and ice cubes to prevent damage to your composite bonding london cheap for bonded tooth.



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